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No more ‘Blue Mondays’ with Simply Move Home

‘Blue Monday’ falls on the third Monday in January every year, therefore, today which is the 16th January, has been labelled to be the most depressing day of the year. With Christmas and New Year celebrations over, the dark and old days of January can really make us feel low. ‘Blue Monday’ was invented by psychologist Dr Cliff Arnall, who worked on the idea that shows how the third Monday in January is particularly bad.

However, by using Simply Move Home there will be no such thing as a ‘Blue Monday’ as Simply Move Home will save you time, money and stress. Simply Move Home will put you in touch with quality solicitors to save you feeling blue on Monday or ever! To get in touch visit, to get rid of those Monday blues or send an email to .

Say goodbye to Blue Monday by using Simply Move Home!

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