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Using our services will
help you save money
on solicitor costs when
buying and selling
your property.

No matter if you are a home buyer looking for residential conveyancing, or you need conveyancing for commercial property, we are here to help. We can provide you with tailored prices from each of our solicitor partners.

Simply enter your details into the quote generator above and you will receive no obligation quotations directly from our solicitor partners. All fees are transparent and set by the individual law firms, no referral fee or admin fees are paid to Simply Move Home.

Simply Move Home is owned by PALI Ltd who will provide the conveyancing searches as a part of this quotation.

Simply follow our 3 easy steps below:

Enter the address and property details into our Quote Generator.
You will receive no obligation quotes by email from our trusted Conveyancing Solicitors.
Choose the company that is best for you then click ‘accept’ in the quote email.
Your trustworthy Conveyancing Solicitor will be in touch to begin your property transaction.
It’s as simple as that!

No hassle, no obligation & no hidden fees!
We just make things simple.

If you still have any questions you can also call us for free on 0800 002 9498

Why use us?

Most websites that help you buy or sell property are designed to give the lowest quote possible on a conveyance with the minimum of information requested. This makes it look easy and cheap.

Only later are other factors which affect the quote requested. Having secured your business, more information will be required. This will always increase the price of your quote. Simply Move Home has partnerships in place with, Land Registry, Ordnance Survey, Every  UK local Authority and many other information providers to identify potential problems which could increase the complexity and therefore the price of the quote from the beginning. Our sophisticated online system will provide you with information from the outset that your solicitor will require to complete your transaction.

This will be included in the price we quote. At the outset, the quote you receive is the quote you will pay and your acting solicitor will be given all the information up front to complete your transaction promptly which is a service No Other conveyancing site offers. So, although our initial quote may be slightly higher, you can rest assured there will be no nasty surprises further down the line.

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