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Buying A House – Free Home Buying Advice

In order to help you when buying a house or selling a property, our FREE Home Buying Advice Services are designed to make the moving home process whether you are a buying a house or a selling a house as simple as possible.

Buying A House – Free Home Buying Advice

Free No Obligation Conveyancing Quote

Simply Move Home has a nationwide network of trusted solicitors and conveyancers, which means we are very well positioned to find the most efficient and cost-effective legal professional to act for you when buying a house or selling a property. 

Our unique system thoroughly checks the property you are either buying or selling before you instruct a solicitor so that any irregularities can be identified up front and dealt with, which avoids additional costs and delays later down the line.


Free Desk Top Report On Your Property

As part of our house buying advice quotation process, we carry out an in-depth desktop study of the property or properties you are in the process of buying or selling. This study not only enables us to provide a very accurate quotation but also will alert you up front to any potential issues which would normally only come to light later during the conveyancing process. If you buying a house or selling a property we will look for any localised issues such as planning applications breached or not yet implemented, mining issues within the area, past historic flooding, proposed fracking sites, proximity to the proposed HS2 High-Speed Rail Line etc.

These are the type of things a solicitor would bring to your attention during the conveyancing process, but this may be weeks or even months after they have been instructed. By alerting you much earlier, you can make an informed decision at the outset as to the severity of any issues, and then decide if you wish to still proceed with the purchase. Likewise, if you are selling a property, we will perform the same study, and hopefully predict any issues the buyer’s solicitor will come across meaning they can be dealt with before that happens. This also enables us to provide a very accurate, no obligation price for our services up front, avoiding any nasty surprises which you may find with other quotes you receive as the transaction progresses. Fair usage policy applies.

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Free Analysis Of Required Property Searches.

Buying A House?

When you are buying a house, your solicitor or conveyancer will buy conveyancing searches on your behalf. These are a set of reports which provide a lot of information on the building and surrounding area. They are designed to highlight any problems or issues with the property which you should be aware of. If you are purchasing the property using a mortgage, the lender will state the minimum level of searches they require, however, there may also be additional reports which are relevant and should be considered. We have unique systems in place which can check the area in which a property is located, and let you know the searches we recommend you purchase. We can also check that they will be acceptable to specific mortgage lenders and provide you with an itemised price for the searches. Even if you decide to use a different solicitor for your purchase, you can still buy the searches from us and instruct your legal representative to use them. This will usually save you time and money.

Selling A Property?

When selling a property, you will be asked to fill in a number of forms, and provide documents and certificates. Often the buyer’s solicitor will request information or documentation quite far into the conveyancing process, sometimes very close to the completion date. We will carry out various checks on your property and try to predict what information the buyer’s solicitor will ask for, meaning you have the time to look for it or obtain new copies so that you aren’t rushing at the last minute. We will also talk you through the legal forms you will need to complete and help cut through the legal jargon.

How We Can Help 

Simply Move Home can bridge the gap between you and your local solicitor and advise you in depth on the fees that can be expected on your conveyancing/legal fees.

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If you get a quote from Simply Move Home we will also provide you with a Free Desktop Report which will highlight any issues that may arise in the conveyancing process. By carrying out the desktop study we will be able to see if any additional searches will be required on the property Before You Contact A Solicitor.

Our Conveyancing Quote Generator can provide you with an accurate Quote breakdown for your conveyancing fees with our trusted partner solicitors. Once you have received your quote you can discuss it with us by calling 0800 002 9498 or email You can also now text/whatsapp us on 07482 669789.

Buying a House

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