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Most contaminated UK towns revealed

Contaminated land is where substances that are under or in the land make it potentially or seriously hazardous for people’s health. Throughout the UK, there are many different sites that are contaminated by human activity. A shocking nine out of the ten locations for the worst for land contamination were found in England, with none found in Northern Ireland or Wales and just one in Scotland. Following many Freedoms of Information requests that have been actioned by ductwork, it has now been confirmed that the UK’s most contaminated town is Warrington, Cheshire. Only just behind this in second place is another northern location which is Sefton, Liverpool with 975,050m2 contaminated land. Contaminated land is definitely something to worry about, it could present a hazard to people using the site and it also may affect any plants that are growing there. You can be exposed to contaminated land by just breathing in the gasses or dust, touching the contaminated dust or soil or through eating any food that has grown on the land. There are also many health problems that are caused by contaminated land, it can cause skin issues as well as breathing difficulties, cancer, and birth defects.

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